JN VIDEO: ‘Loud, Proud & Jewish’ – our special report on LGBT Jews

What are the attitudes towards LGBT issues within the Jewish community?

Jewish News is proud to present the first in its brand new series of short documentaries, focusing on issues at the very heart of modern Jewish life in Britain.

The first, which can be viewed below, explores the Jewish LGBT community’s ongoing struggle for broad acceptance among Anglo-Jewry.

Produced and directed by london-based filmmaker Ben Burman, the documentary features provocative perspectives from Surat Knanfounder of Rainbow Jews, HotSaltBeef founder Allan Davis and Rabbi Alan Plancey, former Rabbi of Borehamwood and Elstree Synangogue, who offers a mainstream Orthodox standpoint.

Watch the film and leave your comments below!

You can find more of Ben’s film work on his Facebook page

  • Alison

    An excellent film, but a shame that there weren’t any Progressive or Reform Rabbis, even straight ones, interviewed to provide a more inclusive perspective for those people watching who are not aware that some sections within the Jewish religious world are accepting and inclusive.

  • AYomTov

    I’m always bemused by this notion that Torah is somehow supportive only of one man, one woman marriage. Most of it is about men having lots of wives. How come THAT can be changed, but not lesbian and gay couples accepted?