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Just tweet it! Our top 50 Jews to follow

From culture and showbiz to politics and religion, we’ve compiled the definitive list of tweeters leading the way online...

Francine Wolfisz is the Features Editor for Jewish News.


Mayim Bialik

Actress and founder, Grok Nation. They tweet at: @missmayim

Star of The Big Bang Theory, neuroscientist, writer and digital entrepreneur, Mayim Bialik is often seen taking to Twitter to share parenting advice, political opinions and nods to traditional Jewish practice.

Sarah Silverman

Comedian, actress and producer. They tweet at: @SarahKSilverman

Never one to shy away from having opinions, Silverman uses comedy to address controversial topics, such as racism, sexism, politics and religion, as well as topical Israeli issues.

Robert Rinder

Also known as Judge Rinder, criminal law barrister, presenter and columnist. They tweet at: @RobbieRinder ‏

The TV favourite can be found tweeting about all manner of subjects to his 33.8K following, from courtroom antics to legal campaigns, antisemitism and Holocaust advocacy.

Rob Rinder

Annabel Karmel

Children’s food expert and bestselling author. They tweet at: @annabelkarmel

Annabel Karmel has established herself as the go-to guru for parents seeking out healthy, nutritious and tasty recipes for their little ones.

Rachel Riley

Presenter and co-host of Channel 4’s Countdown. They tweet at: @RachelRileyRR

With 617K followers, Rachel Riley has used Twitter in recent months to speak out about allegations of antisemitism in the Labour party and Jeremy Corbyn’s handling of the issue. She subsequently revealed that she had faced online abuse and been called a “Tory, brainwashed and thick” and been accused of “smearing political activists as racists on Twitter.”

Rachel Riley taking on the antisemitic Twitter trolls through Twitter

Jay Rayner

Journalist, writer, broadcaster, food critic and jazz musician. They tweet at: @jayrayner1

The established food critic’s witty way with words will raise a smile, regardless of whether he’s prostrating or praising the latest venue graced by his presence.

Bette Midler

American singer, songwriter, actress, comedian, and film producer. They tweet at: @BetteMidler

With a mighty 1.52m followers, Midler is not afraid to take a pop at the US president, Donald Trump, using her trademark humour and wit. In a tweet earlier this week, Midler wrote that if tickets were sold to watch Michael Cohen, Trump’s former lawyer, testify publicly before Congress, “they’d go quicker than if Springsteen played Hamilton on Broadway!”

David Baddiel

Comedian, novelist and television presenter. They tweet at: @Baddiel

David’s acerbic take on politics is always guaranteed to raise a smile. One recent tweet reads: “Said it before, and I’ll say it again: there are so many photos of @realDonaldTrump that look like they could be stills from a dream sequence in Twin Peaks.”

David Baddiel

Tracy Ann Oberman. Actress and writer. They tweet at: @TracyAnnO

Like Rachel Riley, the former EastEnders star has been the target of online abuse after posting her opinions about antisemitism. She recently tweeted: “I am the target of vile misogynistic and antisemitic abuse…

I refuse to be bullied by people who are using lies to intimidate me and I refuse to be silenced from speaking out about antisemitism in the Labour Party.”

Actress Tracy Ann Oberman and Countdown presenter Rachel Riley have publicly called out antisemitism through Twitter

Lord Sugar

Business guru and independent peer. They tweet at: @Lord_Sugar

One of the UK’s top business mavens, star of the Apprentice and Tottenham Hotspur FC fan, Lord Sugar can often be found tweeting about his latest entrepreneurial ventures, football and politics. And of course, jibes against his frenemy @piersmorgan.

Ruby Wax

Actress, mental health campaigner and author. They tweet at: @Rubywax

Making her name in the sitcom Girls On Top, before coming to prominence as a comic interviewer on The Full Wax and Ruby Wax Meets…, she has in recent years become a mental health advocate and can often be found tweeting about mindfulness and combatting the anxieties of today’s fast-paced world.

David Schneider

Actor, writer, director. They tweet at: @davidschneider

David likes to take a wry punch at Brexit, Remain and everything in-between. In a typical tongue-in-cheek post, he recently wrote: “You know how it is. You wait years for a constitutional crisis, then along come 17 all at once.”

Stephen Fry

English comedian, actor, writer, presenter and activist. They tweet at: @stephenfry

Beloved national treasure, Blackadder star and QI host, Stephen Fry doesn’t hold back from sharing his opinions and is an avid supporter of mental health and cancer campaigns.

Stephen Fry tweeting support to Rachel Riley

Gregg Sulkin

British actor. They tweet at: @greggsulkin

Hailed as “the British Zac Efron”, the fresh-faced Gregg Sulkin switched north London for Hollywood and catapulted to fame while still a teenager on Disney Channel’s As The Bell Rings and Wizards of Waverly Place. The animal lover and PETA supporter is currently starring as Chase Stein in Marvel’s Runaways.

‘The British Zac Efron’, Gregg Sulkin

Simon Amstell

Stand-up comedian, writer, director and actor. They tweet at: @SimonAmstell

Best known for his hosting roles on Popworld and Never Mind the Buzzcocks, these days Simon Amstell has turned his hand to writing and directing, as well as campaigning for mental health.

Victoria Coren Mitchell

Writer, presenter and professional poker player. They tweet at: @VictoriaCoren

As the perfect host for BBC’s television quiz show, Only Connect, Victoria Coren Mitchell’s tweets are equally wry, witty and indubitably knowledgeable about obscure facts.

Nigella Lawson

Broadcaster, television personality and food writer. They tweet at: @Nigella_Lawson

Foodies searching for inspiration need look no further than the archetypal domestic goddess and her suggestions for #Recipeoftheday – including her sumptuous spinach and coconut soup and her “retrofabulous Pineapple Upside Down Cake”.

Nigella Lawson speaking at JW3

Nissim Black

American rapper and producer. They tweet at: @nissimofficial

Nissim’s conversion to Orthodox Judaism following a troubled childhood and his subsequent success as a musician, while adhering to his religious beliefs, is nothing short of inspiring.

Nissim Black converted to Judaism after having been both Christian and Muslim

Simon Schama

Historian, writer, art critic, TV presenter. They tweet at: @simon_schama

Brexit, Theresa May, Trump, quirky historical facts and even a professed love for Shtisel, there’s plenty that Simon Schama likes to share with his 124,000 followers.

Simon Schama

Simon Sebag Montefiore

Historian and TV presenter.. They tweet at: @simonmontefiore

Politics, antisemitism, book recommendations and historical gems are all in the making of Simon Sebag Montefiore’s Twitter feed.

Stacey Solomon

Singer, TV presenter and personality. They tweet at: @StaceySolomon

Stacey Solomon, a Loose Women panellist and I’m A Celebrity winner is as happy to share her opinions and glimpse into her personal life, as she is to Tweet about women’s self-esteem and slam “body shamers”.

Stacey Solomon at Jewish News’ Night of Heroes

Marlon Solomon

Comedian. They tweet at: @supergutman

Few would describe themselves as an actor, drummer and guide to conspiracy theories, but few have this Mancunian’s eclectic range of passions. Marlon is adept at skewering the more outrageous antisemitism to rear its head online.

Ben Winston

TV and film director, partner of Fulwell73, executive producer of The Late Late Show  They tweet at:@benwinston

There are few celebrities that Ben Winston, son of fertility expert Professor Robert Winston, hasn’t rubbed shoulders with. Expect his Twitter feed to be packed with more stars than the Milky Way.


Gillian Lazarus

Blogger and Labour antisemitism activist. They tweet at: @GillianLazarus

For Twitter users wanting to know more about Labour, antisemitism, or victims of online abuse, Gillian Lazarus diligently monitors the online world for the latest threads.

David Collier

Blogger and Labour antisemitism activist. They tweet at: @mishtal

British-born businessman David Collier, who now lives in Israel, has a blog dedicated to “researching anti-semitism inside anti-Zionist activity”. Last year, he uncovered evidence suggesting that Jeremy Corbyn was among the members of a closed Facebook group, Palestine Live, prompting a Labour investigation into claims that party members had posted antisemitic comments.

Adam Langleben

Labour antisemitism activist. They tweet at: @adamlangleben

Adam Langleben is a former Labour councillor in the London Borough of Barnet and member of the National Executive Committee of the Jewish Labour Movement.

Following the local election defeat in Barnet, Adam Langleben took to Twitter to directly appeal to John McDonnell. His video went viral and was viewed over 150,000 times.

Adam Wagner

Human rights lawyer. They tweet at: @AdamWagner1

Adam Wagner, who tweets regularly about Brexit, politics and Labour antisemitism, is also the founder of RightsInfo, a human rights website, as well as the acclaimed UK Human Rights blog.


Rabbi Jonathan Sacks

Faith leader, philosopher, author, ex-Chief Rabbi. They tweet at: @rabbisacks

Rabbi Sacks, who served as Chief Rabbi from 1991 to 2013 and is now known as the Emeritus Chief Rabbi, provides a regular infusion of spirituality, theology and philosopher to 55,000 followers.

Chief Rabbi, Lord Sacks. Credit: Blake-Ezra Photography

Chief Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis

Former Chief Rabbi of Ireland and incumbent Chief Rabbi of the United Hebrew Congregations of the Commonwealth. They tweet at: @chiefrabbi

A regularly-updated list of where and who Chief Rabbi Mirvis has visited, from leaders and religious figures, to schools and communal organisations, his Twitter account also includes reflections on the weekly sedra.

Senior Rabbi Laura Janner-Klausner

Senior Rabbi of Reform Judaism. They tweet at: @LauraJanklaus

Lending a progressive Jewish voice to British Jewry, Janner Klausner speaks about a range of issues, including Israel-Palestine, social justice, same-sex marriage and interfaith relations.

Rabbi Laura Janner-Klausner

Journalists and academics

Deborah E Lipstadt

Holocaust historian. They tweet at: @deborahlipstadt

Famously taking Holocaust denier David Irving to task after he unsuccessfully sued her for libel, Deborah Lipstadt regularly calls out examples of social injustice, antisemitism and anti-Zionism.

Benjamin Cohen

CEO of Pink News. They tweet at: @benjamincohen

Already an experienced journalist when he founded Pink News, Benjamin Cohen has established himself as one of the top LGBT+ advocates online.

Benjamin Cohen

David Aaronovitch

Times columnist, broadcaster, author. They tweet at: @DAaronovitch ‏

David Aaronovitch is a regular contributor on radio and television debates, and rarely shies away from controversial opinions on political issues.

Hadley Freeman

Columnist. They tweet at: @HadleyFreeman

The New York-born Guardian and Vogue columnist describes herself as a “welder by day, dancer by night”. With 150,000 Twitter followers, her moves are noted. A left-winger, movie nut, fashionista and all-round social commentator, Hadley is funny and cutting in equal measure.

Daniel Finkelstein

Times columnist and Tory peer. They tweet at: @Dannythefink

Another Times columnist, Pinner’s most prominent right wing conscience was granted a seat in the House of Lords in 2013. The son of a Holocaust survivor and grandson of the founder of the Wiener Library, Daniel Finkelstein is no stranger to Jewish issues, and not shy in coming forward.

Robert Peston

Former BBC business editor, current ITV news editor. They tweet at: @Peston

With his own weekly television show and a myriad of political sources, Robert Peston’s tweets often show where the news cycle will go.

Jessica Elgot

Political correspondent for The Guardian. They tweet at: @jessicaelgot

Jessica Elgot has placed herself at the heart of Brexit reporting, with
a Twitter feed that regularly keeps her 43,400 followers up to speed with parliamentary developments. Special interests include immigration, religion and extremism.

Daniel Sugarman

Jewish Chronicle journalist. They tweet at: @Daniel_Sugarman

Daniel’s tongue-in-cheek humour, including describing himself as “part of the ‘Zionist media’ you hear so much about”, is more than evident in his fast and sharp put-downs against anti-semites. Oh, and he also loves tweeting about babies and cats.

Emily Maitlis

Newsnight presenter. They tweet at: @maitlis

She might tackle the great and good of the political world, but that doesn’t stop Emily Maitlis’ humour flowing into her Twitter feed. In the wake of interviewing talking heads about the Brexit crisis, Maitlis said she “may have to make this my pinned tweet” after @tds153 wrote: “Emily Maitlis is basically running an open air clinic for the incurably delusional.”

Emma Barnett

BBC journalist and broadcaster. They tweet at: @Emmabarnett

A leading voice on women’s rights, having been a women’s editor at The Telegraph and host of Radio 4’s Woman’s Hour, Emma Barnett has also been subjected to antisemitic abuse.

Emma Barnett

Jonathan Freedland

Columnist at The Guardian, radio presenter, author under pseudonym Sam Bourne. They tweet at: @Freedland

A leading liberal Zionist, Jonathan Freedland has also spoken out against Brexit, austerity, social inequality and the Labour Party, accusing the latter of being in denial on antisemitism.

Jonathan Freedland

Rachel Shabi

Journalist and author. They tweet at: @rachshabi

An influential voice on the left of British politics, Rachel Shabi’s journalistic interests have led to numerous awards, including for her book on Israel’s Jews from Arab lands.


Providing news from the Orthodox Jewish community. They tweet at: @ifyoutickleus

An influential and much-watched Twitter feed, the anonymous account
is often the first to break stories from the heart of the Orthodox Jewish
community in Stamford Hill.

Melanie Phillips

Columnist, author, broadcaster, public speaker. They tweet at: @MelanieLatest

Controversial and forthright in her views, Melanie Phillips presents
a right wing outlook on a range of political and social issues.

Melanie Phillips is known for controversy

Hugo Rifkind

Journalist and columnist. They tweet at: @hugorifkind

According to his Twitter profile, Hugo Rifkind (son of former Defence Secretary Sir Malcolm Rifkind) is “officially the funniest journalist in Britain” and provides an incisive and witty take on contemporary issues.


Oona King

Google drector of diversity strategy and Labour peer. They tweet at: @Oona_King

Yorkshire-born and East London bred Oona King served as a Labour MP
from 1997 until 2005. Famous for challenging George Galloway and
Ken Livingstone, she was also an early campaigner for a second referendum.

Dave Rich

CST deputy communications director. They tweet at: @daverich1

A much sought-after voice on antisemitism, especially in relation to the recent allegations within the Labour Party ranks.

Rhea Wolfson

UK Labour’s parliamentary candidate for Livingstone. They tweet at:@rheawolfson

She may be young, but Labour’s parliamentary candidate for Livingstone is
a party power-broker, make no mistake. With a seat at the top table and a close working relationship with grassroots group Momentum, Rhea Wolfson’s is an important voice in the left of British politics.

Luciana Berger

MP for Liverpool Wavertree. They tweet at: @lucianaberger

Luciana Berger, Labour’s MP for Liverpool Wavertree, is a passionate speaker on mental health and antisemitism, having been personally subjected to vicious anti-Jewish attacks and slurs on social media.

Robert Halfon

Tory MP. They tweet at: @halfon4harlowMP

Harlow’s parliamentary representative has held several ministerial positions under recent Tory prime ministers and currently chairs an important cross-party committee on education. Robert Halfon is also a disability advocate and campaigner against antisemitism.

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