It’s the final countdown! Thirty Under 30 top 10

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It’s the final countdown! Thirty Under 30 top 10

The wait is over as Jewish News and the Jewish Leadership Council reveal the top 10 positions in the Thirty Under 30 countdown. Drum roll please...

The top 10 of Thirty Under 30
The top 10 of Thirty Under 30

The wait is over as Jewish News and the Jewish Leadership Council reveal the top 10 positions in the Thirty Under 30 countdown (plus a familiar face occupying position 9 3/4!)

10 Eli Gaventa, age 24

Eli is an artist and educator. As photographer and film-maker for Tzedek, he was responsible for capturing the work of UK and Ghanaian NGO partners to be made into educational documentaries and fund-raising advertisements.

He then raised more than £1,000 blogging about his Live Below the Line experience. He was a movement worker for Sinai for three years and spent time in this role developing educational and leadership resources, utilising his graphic designer skills.

Eli Gaventa
Eli Gaventa

His bi-annual journal was then distributed across synagogues and schools.

Eli has worked as a cheder teacher at Mill Hill Synagogue, and while studying at Yeshivat Har Etzion acted as a Youth Learning Disabilities Study Partner.

Eli’s desire to use his talents for social action has been recognised by those around him, and his innovative planning and strategies mark him out as a future leader of his generation, and one who will influence Jewish education for years to come.


9 Deborah Blausten, age26

Deborah Blausten
Deborah Blausten

A student rabbi at Leo Baeck college, Debs’ interest in how technology can be used for teaching is set to affect radically Jewish education in Britain.

Anyone attending one of her classes knows her Masters degree in Education and Technology is being put to good use, and her innovative, unusual teaching style inspires students of all ages, from the bar and bat mitzvah lessons at Finchley Reform Synagogue to her sessions at Limmud.

Debs was also the Limmud Conference 2015 Programming co-chair, and created a vibrant, busy and exciting programme in the face of the complexities of the new Birmingham NEC site.

Now, as a student rabbi, she is focusing on setting up textual learning and young adult learning programmes across the community, as well as assisting in the creation of new Reform minyanim. At her rabbinical placement in York, she has helped to revitalise and revolutionise the young Jewish community there.

Daniel, Radcliffe
Daniel, Radcliffe

9 3/4 – Daniel, Radcliffe, age27

Honorable mention [in the appropriate 93/4 slot], goes to the 27-year-old Jewish actor best known for his eponymous role in the Harry Potter film series. Dan probably would have had a little more time for Jewish and Zionist youth work if he hadn’t been gallivanting around the world making Hollywood blockbusters. Currently in the National Theatre Live production of Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead.

8 Alma Reisel, age 28

A former tour madricha, Alma has taken her experience in leadership and movement work at RSY-Netzer to her career as a social worker for children in Hackney.

Alma Reisel
Alma Reisel

Those who know her say she is a shining example of how leadership skills and passion for social action, developed in youth movements, can be exported into the wider community.

She is a co-director of Keshet UK, working to promote the interests of LGBT+ Jews and has worked with chaplaincies, rabbinical offices and schools across the country to put Keshet on the communal map.

Her JDOV talk at Limmud Conference 2014 was a moving plea to the Jewish community to improve its support for LGBT+ people. It also demonstrated her genuine compassion and understanding of people feeling excluded because of their gender alignment or sexual orientation. Alma is also heavily involved in Grassroots Jews.

7 Jem Stein, age 29

Jem Stein
Jem Stein

After being a movement worker for Habonim Dror, Jem set up The Bike Project to connect the demand for cheap, easily maintained vehicles with the supply.

The project collects donated bikes, refurbishes them, and gives them to asylum seekers and refugees to save on transport costs. The charity’s website says owning a bike can save more than £1,000 every year. From modest beginnings at Jhub, the project now offers cycling lessons while beneficiaries and local volunteers work together to restore bikes.

Refugees and asylum seekers thank the project for giving them a sense of purpose, a source of fitness, a practical skill and a method of transport. The community-oriented environment of the project reflects Jem’s own powers as a team player, and contributed to The Bike Project winning the 2015 Community Cycling Project of the Year Award. Jem’s visionary project has impacted on thousands of lives.

6 Izzy Lenga, age 23

Izzy Lenga
Izzy Lenga

Izzy is a one-woman social action project, showing unbelievable selflessness and bubbly determination in all her work.

Best known for her courageous fight against anti-Semitic, misogynistic abuse on Twitter and challenging anti-Semitic incidents on campuses, she has sacrificed sleep and sanity to help fellow students feel safe and make an example of any abuser foolish enough to attack her. She has sat as education officer on the Birmingham Guild (SU), on the NUS’ National Executive Council and Society and Citizenship Zone Committee and has twice acted as convener and committee member on the NUS’ Anti-Racism and Anti-Fascism Campaign. Izzy has used these platforms positively and forcefully, advocating sexual and mental health support for students, tackling the cost of living and working with Muslim peers to organise joint protests against anti-Semitism and Islamophobia.

On Wednesday Izzy was elected as a vice president of the NUS. She has worked with higher education to tackle abuse of minority groups and demonstrates continually how Jewish values can extend to encompass non-religious issues. Izzy also finds time to support developing activists and is always willing to give help and advice.

5 Jonathan Neumann, age 29

Jonathan Neumann
Jonathan Neumann

Jonathan is co-founder and director of Jewish Human Rights Watch, which fights BDS in local councils and on campuses, protecting Israel’s image and advocating its legitimacy.

Sitting on the Board of Deputies, he has gathered a core pro-Israel group that advocates both in and outside meetings, has been involved with the Forum for Jewish Leadership promoting Jewish education for several years, and is the politics programming chair for Limmud Conference 2017, working in particular to balance out the spectrum of ideas represented. Never afraid to stand alone against groups of opposition, Jonathan has maintained his student enthusiasm for campaigning and spreading ideas.

He has written about politics and religion for the Telegraph, Standpoint, Mosaic, Commentary and the Times of Israel blog, and has been quoted across the national media as a prominent Israel advocate. Jonathan is now working on a book about social justice and activism.

He amazes onlookers with his wholehearted dedication to Israel advocacy, and his fearlessness when it comes to promoting his politics in the face of adversity. His actions continually mirror his words and the time and effort he puts into campaigning makes a tangible difference to the community.

4 Rachel Wenstone, age 28

Rachel Wenstone

Rachel is one of the most politically influential people of her generation within the British Jewish community, working as senior parliamentary assistant to the shadow secretary of state for women and equalities, Sarah Champion. It is a demanding full-time role involving speech writing, briefing the minister and preparing her for public appearances, with many high-profile events occurring over the past year.

The behind-the-scenes focus of the role means Rachel’s name is not often said in public, but her contribution to the Shadow Cabinet and to Sarah Champion’s office is undeniable, and the hard work she does deserves recognition.

A former NUS president of higher education and deputy president, Rachel has since worked as public affairs manager at Shelter, the charity for homeless people. She is vocal on issues of women’s rights, taking part in the Reclaim the Night march and sitting on the executive of the Jewish Labour Movement. Her experience in this combination of organisations gives her the tools necessary for her to become a successful MP, but it is her quiet, persistent drive to complete tasks well and improve the community that will make her a great leader, within the Jewish arena and beyond.

3 Hannah Brady, age 24

Hannah Brady
Hannah Brady

Following her outstanding UJS presidency in 2015-16, Hannah is on her way to becoming a major civil servant of the future. She is a corporate communications officer for the Department of International Trade, developing key diplomatic and governmental skills which will benefit the Jewish community and wider circles.

As Limmud Conference 2016 Shabbat co-chair, she was instrumental in planning a day filled with religious significance as well as fun for people of all ages, and as programming co-chair this year she is once again showing her dedication to Jewish communal learning, from politics, history and philosophy to art and music. She was also co-chair of Reshet’s 21st Century Teens Conference, contributing to the informal education of young Jews in the UK.

Hannah has been in several campaigns focusing on conversations about Judaism, including Rethink2014, which opposed Israel Apartheid Week on UK campuses, and is an active member of the JLM. She was the convener of the UJS Disabled Students Network and a trustee on the UJS National council in 2014-15. Her key role in liberation movements and outspoken pride in her values make her a crucial mover and shaker in her generation.

2 Ella Rose, age 23

Ella Rose,
Ella Rose,

As director of the Jewish Labour Movement, Ella has recently faced adversity many thankfully never have to deal with.

However, her resilience and dignity have been shown to be remarkable and she continues to strive to maintain a dynamic and effective organisation with a large youth contingent and support across the country.

Her hands-on front leadership never fails to make all feel included and her personable style of communication has resulted in several high-profile political speakers at JLM events

These have included Ruth Smeeth, Naz Shah and Louise Ellman, as well as well-known Labour activists and commentators such as Owen Jones.

Ella has also been the deputy for UJS and is now the deputy for Bushey United Synagogue, leading her generation in this well-established community organisation and bringing new ideas and approaches to the board.

An accomplished CST volunteer, former UJS president and engaged student activist, Ella also shows her passion for UK Jewry in her dedication for Limmud, co-chairing Conference in 2016 and overseeing one of the most complex events the organisation has run, as well as one of the most exciting and interesting.

Ella’s outstanding voluntary and professional work is ensuring the vitality and survival of the Jewish community in the UK, and her canny and erudite leadership is an example to all.

1 Arieh Miller, age 29

To all who know him, Arieh is first and foremost a mensch. Utterly committed to giving all he can as often as he can, he astonishes family, friends and colleagues alike with his seemingly superhuman capacity to fit so much into each day.

Arieh worked as head of Digital Media and Jewish Community Relations at the Israeli Embassy from 2013 to 2015, and colleagues there marvelled at his cool-headed attitude during times of political confusion.

His ability to portray unity and cohesion eased tensions, despite the great pressures exerted both locally and abroad.

Arieh Miller
Arieh Miller

Since August 2015, Arieh has been working as the executive director of the Zionist Federation, making him the youngest person in a senior executive role within the UK Jewish community. Colleagues cite him as a pleasure to work for and with, appreciating his hands-on approach in the office and his ability to defend his perspective against much older and more established members of the community. Known as a bridge-builder and collaboration-shaper, he has taken this challenging role in his stride over the past year and eight months, and has demonstrated a complex understanding of the community and its functions.

Arieh is now taking the ZF in new and exciting directions, engaging youth groups and campus JSocs across the country, and initiating Israel advocacy events, including one in Lichfield Church which was held peacefully alongside a pro-Palestine event. He worked to garner support and enthusiasm for the Israel-Wales football match during Euro 2016, maintains strong links with the Israeli Embassy, and sits on the JLC’s Balfour 100 committee.

Senior board members of the ZF thank Arieh for the way he has led the charity into these crucial relationships and positions, while people note that despite the demanding day job, Arieh finds time to contribute to a range of excellent causes and movements.

He is well known for his extensive work with CST since 2010, coordinating security at Limmud Conference most years, and organising the weekly rota at his shul, Alyth, and managing both Alyth and New North London Synagogue on the high holy days.

He volunteers as a first responder for the London Ambulance service several nights a month, uses some of his annual leave almost every year to accompany Akiva School’s Year 6 Israel trip, and still attends many of RSY’s bogrim events.

Arieh has also been a Limmud hero since he was old enough to volunteer, dedicating himself to the management of less glamorous areas such as logistics and catering, and showed himself to be a good sport when he participated in Strictly Limmud Dancing in 2016.

His overwhelming love of and commitment to the Jewish community makes Arieh a superb role model for the people he engages with, regardless of age. He is generous and willing in all aspects of his life, dynamic and driven in professional circles as well as in his volunteering.

Forthright with his opinions and leadership but warm in his manner, Arieh Miller is set to be one of the great leaders of the community during his lifetime.

Behind the numbers

Thirty Under 30 celebrates the accomplishments of individuals in an array of professions. To mark the climax of our three-week countdown, we reveal six illuminating sub-lists featuring some of the fields our
high-fliers excel in – plus namecheck those who narrowly missed out…

Rabbis and educators

Ben Bently, Matthew Anisfeld ,Naji Tilley, Rabbi Mendy Brukirer, Rabbi Shmuli Sagal, Rebbetzen Sarah Proops, Rebbetzin Hadassah Fromson, Sarah Grabiner


Aaron Simons, Alex Davis, Ella Rose, Jay Stoll, Jonathan Neumann, Michael Rubin, Miriam Mirwitch, Rachel Wenstone, Rhea Wolfson, Richard Black, Stephen Hoffman


Abigail Jacobi, Alma Reisl, Amos Schonfield, Arieh Miller, Ben Salamon, Charlie Agran, Dalia Fleming, Elliot Steinberg, Esther Marshall, Ethan Schwartz, Hannah Style, Jem Stein, Jes Waldman, Joel Salmon, Judith Flacks, Mia Gray, Russell Langer, Sam Grant, Talia Chain


Avrahum Sanger, Devora Khafi, Emanuele Boccia, Eran Cohen, Hannah Harris, Izzy Lenga, Jack Cohen, Josh Holt, Josh Seitler, Joshua Nagli, Laurence Rosenberg, Liora Cadranel, Liron Velleman, Max Sherrard, Rebecca Filer, Sally Patterson, Saul Yardley, Yoni Stone, Zachary Confino

Journos and creatives

Aaron Taylor Johnson, Alexander Zatman, Ben Reiff & Asha Sumroy, Daniel Radcliffe, Emily Hilton, Gabriel Pogrund, Moshe Chai Wakefield, Oliver Anisfeld, Patrick Maguire, Tom Ross-Williams, Yosef Dovid Friedlander

Youth leadership

Alex Fenton, Benjamine Coombe, Daisy Bogod, David Morris, Devorah Roselaar, Eli Shafritz, Jason Goldstein, Joe Boxer, Joe Grabiner, Jonty Leibowitz, Manya Eversley and Emma Mittleman, Matt Herman, Michael Taylor, Mikey Lebrett, Mitchell Cohen, Natasha Icyk (Isaac), Noah Levy, Rafi Cohen, Sara Cash, Zara Shaw

30 who just missed out

  • Amos Schonfield, 25: Yachad – youth and student outreach worker
  • Anna Lawton, 28: Limmud – Conference Chair 2017
  • Ben Salamon, 25: Tzedek – Education Programmes Manager
  • Cassie Matus, 29: UJIA – fundraiser & formerly Director of Israel Experience 
  • Dalia Fleming, 28: Keshet UK – Education Co-ordinator
  • Deni Jacob, 23: Radlett Synagogue – Youth Director
  • Elliot Steinberg, 25: Council of Christians and Jews – Programme manager
  • Gabriel Webber, 25: Board of Deputies – Executive & Future Liberal Rabbi
  • Hannah Style, 27: FEAST – Founder and chief coordinator
  • Jes waldman, 26: Kisharon/Maccabi/JLGB & volunteer charitable activities directly helping homeless people
  • Joe Grabiner, 22: RSY-Netzer – movement worker
  • Joel Salmon, 22: Board of Deputies – Parliamentary Officer
  • Josh Holt, 22: UJS – President elect
  • Joshua Nagli, 24: UJS – Campaigns Director
  • Manya Eversley and Emma Mittleman, 21: Founders of “Summer Hype” summer camp for kids in Hackney
  • Matt Herman, 26: BBYO – Chair, trustees
  • Michael Rubin, 25: Labour Friends of Israel – Parliamentary Affairs & Research Manager
  • Miriam Mirwitch, 24: London Young Labour – Chair
  • Naji Tilley, 22: Genesis – Programme Leader
  • Natasha Icyk (Isaac), 24: March of the Living – led UJS contingent, JOFA – activist
  • Rabbi Shmuli Sagal, 27: Sutton Synagogue – Rabbi
  • Rebbetzen Sarah Proops, 29: Mill Hill Shul – Rebbetzen
  • Rebbetzin Hadassah Fromson, 27: Golders Green Synagogue – Assistant Rebbetzin
  • Rhea Wolfson, 26: Labour Party NEC and Momentum Activist
  • Russell Langer, 24: JLC – Public Affairs Manager
  • Sally Patterson, 21: UJS – National Council
  • Sam Grant, 28: Rene Cassin – Campaigns Manager
  • Shimon Gillis, 28: Kinloss (United Synagogue) – Community Director
  • Talia Chain, 27: Sadeh Farm – Founder and Charity supporting survivors of human trafficking – FOunder
  • Zoe Jacobs, 25: Reform Judaism – smaller communities worker

30 who are just too old

  • Abi Keene, Bnei Akiva – Former Mazkira
  • Adam Langleben, Jewish Leadership Council – Head of Digital & Stakeholder Engagement & Barnet Councillor
  • Adam Pike, Beyond Me & Super Carers – Founder
  • Alex Fenton, Reform Judaism – Public Affairs Officer
  • Carly Gelley, Hamilton Court Group
  • Carly Maisel, Tamares Group – Director of Communications and Philanthropy
  • Charlotte Fischer, Citizens UK – Jewish Community Organiser
  • Claire Farhi, Limmud Conference – Leadership
  • Dan Rickman, Mitzvah Day – Executive Director
  • Daniel Lichman, Student Rabbi
  • Dave Shaw, Keshet UK – Trustee
  • Helen Myer, 10 Downing Street – Events and Visits
  • Jack Prevezer, UJIA – Youth Movement Strategy Group – Chair
  • Joanna Ish-Horowicz, Doctor and Limmud – Leadership
  • Joel Friedman, Canvey Island Jewish Community – Key figure
  • Josh Martin, Reform Judaism – Incoming Director of Youth & JCoSS – teacher
  • Margot Schatz, Lead – Trustee, Adam Science – Alumni Chair
  • Michael Livingston, JLGB – Trustee
  • Michelle Bauernfreund, Office of Chief Rabbi – Operations Manager
  • Noam Mirvis, All-Party Britain-Israel Parliamentary Group –  Director, House of Lords Section
  • Rabbi James Proops, Mill Hill United – Assistant Rabbi
  • Rabbi Leah Jordan, Liberal Judaism Chaplain
  • Rabbi Sam Taylor, Western Marble Arch – Community Rabbi
  • Rafi Addlestone, Deloitte – Senior Consultant & UJIA lay leader
  • Richard Verber, Board of Deputies – Senior Vice President
  • Robin Moss, UJIA – Head of Israel Engagement
  • Ruth Szotten, Senior Charity Professional
  • Sarah Sackman, Labour Candidate, Finchley & Golders Green, in the 2015 General Election
  • Sophie Dunoff, University Jewish Chaplaincy – Chief Operating Officer
  • Steven Gertner, Federation of Synagogues – Trustee


30 Eliezer Gilbert 25, 29 Mia Gray 19, 28 Graham Carpenter 25,27 Abi Symons 25, 26 Georgina Bye 29, 25 Noah Levy 22, 24 Ben Dov Salasnik 28, 23 Devora Khafi 20, 22 Joel Macadar 27, 21 Charlotte Agran 26, 20 Josh Seitler 22, 19 Liron Velleman 21, 18 Gabriel Pogrund 22, 17 Esther Marshal 27, 16 Em Hilton 26, 15 Jay Stoll 26, 14 Michael Gladstone 28, 13 Oliver Anisfeld 22, 12 Abi Jacobi 28, 11 Judith Flacks 27

Mazeltov to all our nominees

Aaron Bass, Aaron P Cohen-Gold,  Aaron Simons, Aaron Taylor Johnson, Abi Brunner, Abi Symons, Abigail Jacobi, Adam Isaacs, Adino Ebrahimoff, Alex Davis, Alex Richardson, Alex Tansey, Alexander Zatman, Alma Reisl, Amos Schonfield, Anna Lawton, Anna Posner, Anthony Bunt, Arieh Miller, Asha Sumroy, Avrahum Sanger, Ben Bently, Ben Dov Salasnik, Ben Lewis, Ben Naseemi, Ben Reiff, Ben Salamon, Benjamine Coombe, Binyomin Gilbert, Cassie Matus, Charley Katan, Charlie Agran, Chilli Green, Chloe Marlow, Daisy Bogod, Dalia Fleming, Dalia Meshhulam, Daniel Morgan-Thomas, Danny Rothberg, David Morris, David Reuben, Deborah Blausten, Debra Green, Deni Jacob, Devora Khafi, Devorah Roselaar, Eli Gaventa, Eli Shafritz, Eliezer Gilbert, Ella Rose, Ella Taylor-Fagan, Elliot Jebreel, Elliot Miller, Elliot Steinberg, Emanuele Boccia, Emily Hilton, Emma Bergen, Emma Mittleman, Eran Cohen, Esther Marshall, Ethan Schwartz, Francesca Wolfe, Gabriel Pogrund, Gabriel Webber, Georgina Bye, Graham Carpenter, Greg Sulkin, Hannah Brady, Hannah Gaventa, Hannah Harris, Hannah Kaufman, Hannah Rose, Hannah Sharron, Hannah Style, Ilan Lazarus, Ilana Fenster Simons, Isaac Gluck, Izzy Lenga, Jack Cohen, James Ingram, Jamie Susskind, Jason Goldstein, Jay Stoll,  Jem Stein, Jes Waldman, Jessica Finger, Joe Boxer, Joe Grabiner, Joel Gleicher, Joel Macadar, Joel Salmon, Jonathan Leader, Jonathan Neumann, Jonty Leibowitz, Joseph Stoll, Josh Bowman, Josh Dubell, Josh Holt, Josh Seitler, Joshua Marks, Joshua Nagli, Joshua Rosen, Judith Flacks, Kathryn Rose, Laurence Rosenberg, Levy Schapiro, Liora Cadranel, Liora Goldberg, Liron Velleman, Louise Cohen, Manya Eversley, Marc Cowan, Matt Herman, Matthew Anisfeld, Max Sherrard, Max Steinberg, Mia Gray, Michael Gladstone, Michael Rubin, Michael Taylor, Micky Kashman, Mikey Lebrett, Miriam Mirwitch, Mitchell Cohen, Moshe Chai Wakefield, Naji Tilley, Naomi Minsky, Natasha Icyk (Isaac), Nick Haringman, Noah Levy, Oliver Anisfeld, Orli Goldberg, Patrick Maguire, Rabbi Mendy Brukirer, Rabbi Shmuli Sagal, Rachel Wenstone, Rafi Cohen, Rafi Gavron, Sarah Proops, Hadassah Fromson, Rebecca Filer, Rebecca Usden, Rhea Wolfson, Richard Black, Robbie Young, Robert Mindell, Robert Simmons, Russell Langer, Sally Patterson, Salma Arif, Sam Brunner, Sam Cohen, Sam Grant, Sara Cash, Sarah Grabiner, Sarah-Jayne Grahame, Saul Yardley, Shayele Gluck, Shimon Gillis, Shmuel Ebert, Sophie Clark, Stephen Hoffman, Talia Chain, Tom Ross-Williams, Yolie Friedman, Yoni Stone, Yosef Dovid Friedlander, Ysabella Hawkings, Zachary Confino, Zara Shaw, Zoe Jacobs

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